getting there with the tender

Having had a few meetings and pricing addendums with our preferred contractor, we are now getting nearer to the project budget. Essentially, we have re-scoped the works so that the contractor will do the extension, but not the fit-out, e.g. kitchen. For the existing house they will do all necessary external works including:

  • External wall insulation
  • Replacement windows
  • Grinding off concrete gutters and replacing all rainwater goods
  • Structural works and interfacing with extension

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out to tender!

After a lot of final amendments and hard work, Ruairi sent out the tender documentation earlier this week. We decided to go to four builders: two that we discussed as being the right type and having the right sort of experience; one that was recommended by our structural engineer; and one that was local with a good portfolio, but otherwise unknown.  All tenderers completed a pre-tender questionnaire, which isn’t usual for domestic projects. Tenders are due to be returned in four weeks. Continue reading