out to tender!

After a lot of final amendments and hard work, Ruairi sent out the tender documentation earlier this week. We decided to go to four builders: two that we discussed as being the right type and having the right sort of experience; one that was recommended by our structural engineer; and one that was local with a good portfolio, but otherwise unknown.  All tenderers completed a pre-tender questionnaire, which isn’t usual for domestic projects. Tenders are due to be returned in four weeks. Continue reading

our first major problem…

Sewers!!! The foul and storm water drains run at the back of the house, which we knew. The original record drawing showed the sewers further out in the garden.Wessex Water have written to us to say they are within 3 metres. Not only that their records show that they are deep (approx 2 metres). Their rules prohibit construction within 2 metres horizontally of their infrastructure if below 1.5 metres. Continue reading