about me

Well, I’m a bit of a building geek. Professionally, I call myself a building researcher or physicist. I have worked in the construction sector all of my working life, getting on for 25 years. My research feeds into various streams, be it to help individual construction companies, or large house developers to improve their product and practices. But I mostly work with the government and its agencies to help to develop better building standards. For more stuff about me go to my LinkedIn page.

about this blog

After much encouragement from colleagues to document the building works on our house, I have finally capitulated. This site will document most of the key information about  the build process and eventual performance of the house. I hope that it will act as a reference for those who intend to do something similar – by illustrating the steps we take on a project-by-project basis (use the tags on the blogroll to find projects), or to stimulate debate about what we do and how we go about it – we are learning too.