featured in passivehouse+ magazine


We are pleased to be featured in this month’s passivehouse+ magazine. The article has given me a bit of a jab in the arm to do further updates on this blog. So upcoming themes will include:

  • Indoor Air Quality – we have recently monitored the home (winter 2015/16) for a range of pollutants: VOCs; formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and radon.
  • Water use – have we managed to reduce our water use as well as our energy use?
  • Energy use – comparison of the last three heating seasons, and further interventions made to further optimise our gas and electricity use

Check back soon for these updates.

we are now a SuperHome

front completed

After demonstrating that our retrofit has achieved 69% carbon emission reduction, compared to its pre-retrofit state, we are very pleased to announce that our home has been accepted onto the SuperHomes network. The 69% reduction, which is based upon calculation, compares very well with our measured reduction of 71%, both in carbon emission terms (kgCO2/m²/yr) and primary energy (kWh/m²/yr). This reduction  has been achieved even though the treated floor area of the house has increased by more than 20%.

Read more on our listing page on the SuperHomes website. You may also be interested to read our entry on the Low Energy Buildings Platform, which gives more technical information.