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Working with Oxford City Housing Ltd

Working with Oxford City Housing Ltd

Cambridge Energy is working with Oxford City Council’s wholly-owned housing company, Oxford City Housing Ltd as Energy Quality Auditors to help them meet their minimum target of 70% improvement over current carbon emission reduction targets (Part L 2013). Four Walls are associates of Cambridge Energy, and Ian has been working alongside Dr Jason Palmer to help deliver this work.

The Energy Quality Auditor role includes oversight of the design process at pre-planning all the way through construction. This means rigorous reviews of the design proposals, including energy models; construction stage site inspections and post-construction testing. Most developments are currently at planning or tender stage, but the client has already expressed the benefit of working with Ian and Jason:

…”[the team’s work] on energy-quality assurance is exemplary. Their excellent skills and experience in the energy area enables an attention to detail that is almost too good; pulling out issues and risks at an early stage to challenge design teams and us as the client to reassess processes and assumptions, and importantly, mitigate energy-related risk.

Deborah Haynes, Oxford City Council

Photo: Sidharth Bhatia_Unsplash

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