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Retrofit Advice

The majority of existing buildings are very inefficient to heat, meaning they are more expensive to run. Retrofitting existing buildings to improve their thermal performance is becoming ever more important as we start to respond to, and adapt, our building stock for low carbon heating strategies.

Retrofitting needn’t be complex, but there will be challenges. We take a strategic, long-term approach to retrofit projects, and encourage clients to evaluate the post-retrofit performance for a period afterwards to ensure both the design targets and their expectations are met – not just on paper.

Our approach to retrofit projects is to help clients:

  • Reduce energy use and associated carbon emissions
  • Identify opportunities for low carbon services and on-site renewable generation
  • Improve comfort conditions and occupant wellbeing
  • Optimise capital expenditure and provide a medium-term improvement plan (you may not be able to do everything at once)

Whether you are planning a partial retrofit to your home, perhaps as part of an extension or a full retrofit, we can assist you and make sure you make the right decisions.

We are registered with Elmhurst Energy’s TrustMark approved Retrofit Coordinator scheme (licence L588-0001) for providing retrofit services in accordance with PAS 2035.

Please get in touch for further information and advice on the services we can offer