Post-Construction Inspection and Testing

Post-construction quality checks are useful for assessing the overall quality of construction, thermal continuity, or confirming that a service, e.g. ventilation is working correctly, even if it has been commissioned. Occasionally, post-construction checks may be necessary to pinpoint a specific problem.

fourwalls offer a range of inspection and testing services to assist with meeting specific compliance criteria. These include airtightness testing, ventilation performance measurements and commissioning, and thermographic surveys.

Thermographic Surveys

Infrared thermography is an established method for surveying buildings and can provide visual evidence of a range of defects in the building envelope. fourwalls have 10 years thermography experience specifically relating to building energy and condition surveys. We use our own high resolution thermal imaging equipment to conduct internal and external surveys to identify areas of greater heat loss, and to help identify the cause.

For more information on our thermography services, please download our service sheet here.

Air Leakage Testing

In addition to our design review and consultancy service, fourwalls offers air leakage testing. We carry our own UKAS calibrated equipment for undertaking pre-tests and final tests on domestic-scale buildings. Although not required by Part L of the Building Regulations, air leakage testing is often useful in existing buildings. This can be of great value for identifying areas that need sealing, if it is done in advance of a planned retrofit.

Ventilation Performance

New ventilation systems need to be tested in order to demonstrate compliance with Part F of the Building Regulations. At fourwalls, we carry our own UKAS calibrated test equipment to verify the performance of an installation. We also offer a commissioning service for adjustable systems, such as whole house heat recovery installations.

Heating and Hot Water Performance

Many heating and hot water systems are often commissioned to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. However, the majority of systems are left set to default setting pre-programmed into the controls. These setting may not be suited to the needs of the building user or the building’s occupancy. fourwalls has wide-ranging experience to help optimise, even the most complex system controls, to ensure appropriate, efficient and comfortable operation.