Building Performance Evaluation

There is growing evidence that buildings do not perform as predicted, both in terms of energy performance, comfort and occupant satisfaction. Some buildings use over three times the amount of energy for heating, electricity and water anticipated at design stage. Many buildings are inadequately managed, leading to sub-optimum comfort conditions.

This is known as the ‘performance gap’ and fourwalls can help to close this gap.

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is a defined method, which includes the assessment and monitoring of building performance both during and after construction. Through this process, the ‘gap’ can be quantified, giving insights into the causes. Specific recommendations can be made to help improve operational efficiency and comfort conditions. Sometimes this can be through better understanding and effective building management. It may sometimes require the client to invest, which makes the BPE process even more valuable if done prior to a renovation.

Our team are experienced in this field and have provided expert evaluation services to support the Innovate UK with developing and implementing their £8M Building Performance Evaluation programme.

Building Performance Evaluation services include:

  • BPE programme design and delivery for domestic and non-domestic projects
  • Data gathering, monitoring and analysis of a building’s energy performance
  • Design and construction audits
  • Energy surveys
  • Building surveys using the established BUS Methodology
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Building fabric testing including thermographic surveys
  • TM22 and DomEARM energy assessments
  • Feedback to building stakeholders