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fourwalls partner with STBA in Bristol

fourwalls partner with STBA in Bristol

fourwalls are pleased to be working in partnership with the Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) in Bristol. The STBA were awarded the contract by Bristol City Council (BCC) to develop the ‘design and technical guidance’ to support a city-wide retrofitting initiative. The BCC ‘Warm Up Bristol’ scheme, commences in earnest this year – the same year that Bristol holds the European Green Capital status. It will be the biggest energy-efficiency scheme in the country, with a total estimated value of £60M.

The qualifying retrofit houses will be solid wall, privately-owned properties, which can be difficult to treat. The funding is primarily intended for fitting solid wall insulation, and for part-funding for other energy-reduction measures.  Before the works roll-out, BCC have, wisely, set aside some funding to make sure that robust guidance is published to help homeowners understand the benefits and the risks, and to provide more technical information for installers.

fourwalls will work on this guidance with the STBA, and will provide strategic and technical considerations for solid wall insulation, and for avoiding unintended consequences in relation to airtightness, ventilation and moisture. Other project team members include:

Prewett_bizley        NDMHeath        Steers_ME

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