‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. Nearly all buildings have some form of metering, be it utility meters, secondary customer meters, or sub-meters. The data gathered by these meters may prove invaluable in managing a building more effectively. Meter data, on its own, should be used cautiously before making drastic changes.

In order to understand the energy flows in a building and to contextualise this with user comfort and behaviour, it may be necessary to undertake a degree of monitoring. Some commercial buildings may have the infrastructure to do basic monitoring in the form of a Building Management System. But these systems tend to be used to control services and the data is seldom used to investigate opportunities to optimise the building for comfort and efficiency.

Irrespective of a building’s ‘built-in’ ability to do any monitoring, we are able to offer a package to suit your building, or a specific area of a building for investigation. At fourwalls, we can either use the data collected from a BMS, or we can bring in wireless telemetry sensors and data logging equipment, to monitor buildings for short- or long-term periods. The analysis of the data from the monitoring will help you to understand ‘what’s’ happening and ‘when’. This can then be used inform ‘why’ a building (or service) is sub-optimal, and make recommendations about ‘how’ it can be improved.

Monitoring can include the following parameters:

  • Internal and external air temperature
  • Internal and external humidity
  • Internal CO2 concentrations
  • Surface temperature monitoring
  • Secondary and sub-meter data collection
  • Heat flux measurements
  • Solar insolation
  • Wind speed and direction

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