Energy Audits

Most buildings offer considerable opportunities for reducing energy use and costs. A building energy audit is an inspection process that aims to quantify energy use and identify areas that lose most energy and equipment/plant that consume the most energy. This process can be used to inform decision-making, be it to reduce energy and associated carbon emissions, or to evaluate the potential for renewable energy technologies.

Our audits will help you identify the most appropriate solution for your building: from a domestic one-off house to preparing a business case development for a large corporation. We can also provide technical evaluations, and energy assessment reports compiled using the CIBSE TM22 method (non-domestic) and DomEARM (domestic).

What’s involved?

As part of the audit we will conduct a survey of the premises and collect various data in relation to the building fabric and services, and about how they are operated, managed and maintained. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report which will identify the primary areas of energy consumption, any areas of weakness within the construction and design. Importantly, we will recommend improvement measures that can be adopted along with an estimated payback for any investments and a prioritised plan that is balanced against predicted returns and your budget.

Energy audits of existing buildings may benefit from having a degree of inspection and testing during the survey, such as ventilation measurements or thermographic investigations. Please see our inspection and testing services page for more information.