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Building Performance Evaluation

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is a defined method, which includes the assessment and monitoring of building performance. The BPE process is best started during the construction phase, but the main benefit of the evaluation comes after the building has been in use for a period.

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‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’.

In order to understand the energy flows in a building, and to contextualise this with user comfort and behaviour, it may be necessary to undertake a degree of monitoring.

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Design Advice

Meeting building performance targets – either regulatory or project specific – can be complicated. Our in-house expertise will help you to make the right decisions: from strategic level through to fine detailing.

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Post-Construction Inspection and Testing

Post-construction quality checks are useful for assessing the overall quality of construction and thermal continuity, or may be necessary to pinpoint a specific problem. Testing for air leakage and ventilation performance are required to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations.

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The benchmarking process helps to establish a baseline for the operational performance of a building, and draws comparisons with other, similar properties.

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Energy Audits

Most buildings offer considerable opportunities for reducing energy use and costs. A building energy audit is an inspection process that aims to quantify energy use, and identify areas that use and lose the most energy.

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Retrofit Advice

Retrofitting existing buildings to improve their thermal performance is becoming ever more important as we start to respond to, and adapt, our building stock for climate change.

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