Design Advice

The building performance gap sometimes exists because the expectations might be unrealistic to begin with. Invariably, it relates to the design of the building envelope and it services – they may be incompatible, or a particular design detail might be very difficult to build.

fourwalls offer design advice on all aspects of energy efficient, sustainable building to help you manage the performance gap at an early stage. We work directly with self builders through to nationwide builders; architects; engineers; and building owners. We can provide strategic advice through detailed design to ensure best and most robust solutions are applied to your building.

We can provide detailed energy modelling services to ensure the thermal integrity of a building’s design is not compromised. Thermal bridge calculations are a common example of the numerical models that we can carry out to ensure minimal heat loss and condensation risks at junctions and around openings.

It doesn’t need to stop at the building envelope. We are able to offer full design and specification of the building services to ensure that they are appropriate for the building and it use, and to meet Passivhaus or other low energy standards.