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Building Performance Evaluation in the South West

Building Performance Evaluation in the South West

Ian Mawditt from fourwalls presented ‘how to evaluate buildings – the lessons we have learnt from the Building Performance Evaluation programme’ at this event on behalf of Innovate UK. Watch the video here.

Through the BPE programme it has become evident that new buildings are rarely evaluated and fine-tuned, and that there is a lack of feedback between the building owner, and the design and construction teams. This can often result in impressive-looking buildings with dissatisfied occupants, and higher-than-expected energy bills. The programme has encouraged capacity building of BPE processes within the industry, and has helped the teams to develop techniques for the numerous evaluation tasks.

As BPE is an emerging practice, many buildings are unlikely to have been evaluated. At first, the tasks involved for BPE may appear daunting and burdensome: some may be short-term, and others may need a more longitudinal approach. Innovate UK has, through the BPE programme, invested in assisting and engaging industry to help them to develop the required tools and techniques, and to ensure a consistent approach.

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