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Bristolian’s Solid Wall Insulation Guide

Bristolian’s Solid Wall Insulation Guide

We are pleased to announce that the Bristolian’s Guide to Solid Wall Insulation was launched last week. The guidance, which includes a video and an online tool as well a the guidance document, was commissioned by Bristol City Council and led by the Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA). The new and user-friendly online tool and complimentary guide are available for those living in Bristol to help them make more informed decisions about how to insulate their homes in a responsible way.  By showing residents what to look out for, Bristol City Council believes that the uptake of one of the most effective energy efficiency measures will be increased and the quality of installations improved.

Mayor George Ferguson who was at last week’s launch said: “This advice is vital if we want to make retrofitting projects as impactful as possible. By instilling customer empowerment in the decision-making process, we’re making the delivery of solid wall insulation simpler and raising standards in the process. This builds trust and increases the popularity of SWI and the companies installing it.”

Fourwalls were part of the STBA team, providing strategic, technical support. The chapters covering airtightness and ventilation – important aspects of the “whole-house” approach – were provided by fourwalls. For more information on the guide, visit:

The online tool is available via the Warm Up Bristol website – where you will also find a guidance video. To download a copy of the guide, click on the image below:


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