week 18: new window installation begins

Living room window removed  Bedroom window removed

At last, the new triple-glazed windows are being fitted. The old windows are removed, temporarily exposing the house to the elements. A timber frame surround is constructed around the structural opening as we are moving the new windows forward of the existing elevation. This is to allow them to be installed within the external insulation layer, thereby reducing thermal bridges.

Bedroom window fitting  window detail

The windows are fixed into the new surrounds and then taped to form the air seal using Tescon tape. The timber surround is taped to the masonry wall using Contega EXO tape and Orcon F sealant. However, because a lot of this work has happened in between wet and cold weather, adhesion has not been optimum. We have therefore taken the additional precaution of applying a second render base coat on top of the Contega tape.

3 thoughts on “week 18: new window installation begins

  1. A comment in advance of others…

    In case you have picked up the use of expanding foam being applied in the picture (above left)… just to qualify that it is a temporary measure to fill the air gap – to and to help keep the rain out until it is finally taped and protected.

  2. Thanks for your response to my previous post. We too are looking to move the new windows into the external insulation area and just interested to see how you did this. I presume you sat each of the new windows in a timber frame. Did you construct the timber frame from hardwood or tanalised soft wood? Also, how did you go about positioning them to ensure when the insulation went on they were in the optimum position to reduce thermal bridges? Thanks in advance, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca, This is best described in pictures and words. I will do an entry later this week that will give more detail on what we did, and how it can be improved upon having now done it! Look out later in the week…

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