sewer update

Hopefully updates will get more interesting! That said, this blog is about recording the problems as we face them – sewers included. I received an email from Wessex Water this week saying that they accept our proposals in principle. Great news! But…

…and this is the point I don’t get. They say:

Please submit a CCTV survey of the foul sewer (we are allowing works closer than would normally be permitted, and therefore it is important that this sewer is in good structural condition as there is an increased risk of it being affected whilst works are on-going. Any defects will require replacement at the applicants expense but in such instances we refund the application fee to assist with the associated cost).

I get the CCTV request, but I don’t get why the householder should foot the bill to replace them if they are found to be in poor repair. If, pre-October 2011, they were in our ownership, then yes, we’d have to pay. I am failing to see any benefit to the householder for these sewers being in the ownership of the water authorities. If gas or electricity infrastructure (up to meter point) were found to be in poor repair, the utilities would have to pay for their replacement – that’s what we pay bills for. I’m hoping that they are in good repair and that I can avoid any argument.

CCTV request could be interesting – we have no manholes, next door have a couple, but I think they’re in the wrong place. No access = no survey. Will get a surveyor in to have a look – they will advise.


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