week 21: setting a new standard for flat roofs?

In my professional capacity, I do a lot of roof surveys, particularly roof failures on flat roofs. But, rarely have I actually specified one. So, I was naturally concerned that the flat roof design should be a good performer and wanted a good quality polymer waterproof layer (not the usual asphalt). Our contractor recommended Poole Single Ply Roofing Systems who use and install  Cefil UK membranes. Having seen a small sample and had a talk with the installers, I decide to go along with their enthusiastic recommendation.

Roof membrane applied  velux roof window

Installed on top of 150mm Kingspan TR26 insulation, the grey Cefil membrane is installed in a true craftsmanship style. It takes a little longer to install than I expected it would, but realise much of this additional time is due to the attention to detail around the Velux window up-stands and over the parapet. The final proof will be when the roof is complete, but if all flat roofs looked as good as this, I know that my defect survey bookings would be down! As the owner of this new roof, I have to say that this is a more re-assuring scenario.

This roof membrane will continue across our rear extension/balcony area and will replace the existing garage roof.

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