week 21: a placeholder

Due to upgrade problems since just before Christmas, the recent entries you have read have been back-posted (actually I’m not sure what the correct time-related adjective is for this). But we’re now in the present. Week 21 following week 18 is deliberate and skips weeks 19 and 20 as the site was shut for two weeks over Christmas.

From a programme viewpoint we are behind. This has a lot to due with the wet and cold weather and a bit of over-optimism by our contractor as far as the original programme was concerned. I think the construction phase will last until around week 30.

Continue to enjoy and please continue to post your comments: more and more coming through. I am also pleased (and shocked) to see that this site now has some 38,000 hits from over 1000 individual visitors – thanks for your interest.

Happy geeking


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