week 4: horizontal steels go in

Whilst the house is temporarily supported, the horizontal steels arrive late, but the guys hang back to get the first section installed. The main span across the rear of the property goes in the next day. It takes three of us just to move the 200kg length, which is eventually teased into place and bolted to the shorter steel on the side wall as shown in the photo.

Using Hilti chemical anchor fixings, the web of the steel is fixed to the side of the slab along both steel sections as shown by the bolts sticking through the web (yet to be cut back).

Next, the concrete pad for the column needs to be prepared.

The masonry above the steel is reinstated using block work, allowing the Strongboys down the side of the house to be removed. The Acros beneath the slab are rearranged, one-by one to support the newly installed steels – the weight of the slab now being transferred to the new steels. This allows the corner section of the existing wall to be demolished and the ground slab to be removed as will be shown in the next update…

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