choosing the right wood burner

Where to begin! As with many products, once you start googling, it can be quite overwhelming. Simply thousands of woodburners to choose from. Our rationalle was as follows, which helped to narrow our options:

  1. Our house is in a smoke control area and needs to be a DEFRA exempt applicance
  2. We only need the smallest of woodburners. The smallest available seem to be rated at 5kW
  3. Appliance efficiency  greater than 70%

Other than this, the decision needs to consider style and quality. The original intention was to have a back burner, so that heat could be diverted to top-up the hot water cylinder. However, at the moment, there are no DEFRA exempt appliances that have a rating of 5kW. There are some that are 8+kW – too big for our needs.

We came across Morso stoves on our now-narrowed search and quite like the look of the 1412 unit. Reading around other blogs/forums, there do not seem to be any complaints about Morso quality. If anything people have specifically mentioned how good they are. The 1412 has an efficiency of 76% – very good for a wood burner, so we decide to go for this.

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